Global talk about the Burner Embassy Berlin

(da die Veranstaltung komplett in Englisch stattfinden wird, verzichte ich hier auf eine deutsche Übersetzung der Einladung. In Zukunft gibt es auch voraussichtlich Audioformate in Deutsch)

Burning Man Project invites you to Community Activation: ‘Lasting Community, Temporary Space’ on January 26, 2021 at 10a PST // 1p EST // 6p GMT.

Register for this free event on Kindling and join the Facebook Event.  

The Burner Embassy Berlin is a semi-permanent community space created to facilitate communication and connection. Burners adapted an abandoned building to serve the community, as a welcome point of entry for visitors, and invite cultural exchange between Berlin-at-large and Burner culture. 

Join the Burner Embassy Berlin founders in a discussion about its formation, and its unique organizational model. We will talk about how the 10 Principles of Burning Man may be integrated into city development and urban design practices to support resilient, transformative communities.

Our Speakers: 

Holger Weßels (Owl), Co-founder of the Burner Embassy Berlin, and a Burning Man Regional Contact in Germany, is on a life-long mission to create spaces that bring people together for shared learning experiences. He has served as a co-organizer of Burning Bär (formerly the German winter Burn), the 2016 Burning Man base project “G.E.R.M.A.N. Guild”, the 2017 Burning Man base project, “Shrine of Lost Moments”, and Kiez Burn (the German summer Burn). 

Katharina Hagg (MokKa) Co-founder of the Burner Embassy Berlin. Katharina is a Senior Urban Designer for the City of Amsterdam and strives to connect the Burning Man Principles into her professional practice. She co-organized Burning Bär and Zum brennenden Bären, the 2017 Burning Man base project, “Shrine of Lost Moments”, and assorted camps and projects across European burns.


What are Global Activation Community Calls?

Burning Man Project hosts the Global Activation Community Call series to spotlight community-led projects in the following activation areas: Arts, Civics, Community, Ecosystems, Events, and Grants. The calls are a mix of formal presentations, Q&As, and discussion meant to be both learning opportunities and connection points around important topics. All are welcome to participate. Past calls are available for viewing here


Lara Hopwood on behalf of The Burning Man Regional Network Team