Financing Burner Embassy operations for the next 2-3 years requires our entire community to chip in. Please support us by using the tool above.

Minimum donation: 5€ per month (more is welcome)

We are ideally looking for donation pledges for a three-year period (or, up the the end of our permitted „pioneer use“ of the  Haus der Statistik space).

How much money does the Burner Embassy need?

Our monthly costs for the space are €200 – €250 at minimum, and we had to take care of the initial one-time deposit of €650, which was donated by Kiez Burn e.V. . If we manage to raise even more funds, we will apply the money toward future project needs.

Are there any perks associated with becoming a regular donor?

There are no further rights or obligations associated with the donation, besides your personal satisfaction that you’re supporting the community. If you want to make your voice heard, join the discussions.

If the Burner Embassy closes down, donors will decide what happens to the remaining funds (although there may be legal restrictions related to this process).



Create a space for planning and exchange: The burner community will come together here to plan projects, conduct official meetings, and hold informal discussions.

Provide a space for workshops: The Burner Embassy Berlin can be used for holding donation-based workshops (if aligned with the 10 principles of Burning Man).

Facilitate communication: The Burner Embassy Berlin will serve as a central hub for burners in Berlin, and as a well-known contact point for burners from elsewhere. Regular public events (Burning Pub, Pasta Potluck, Crafternoon, Filmcafe, …) will be held here. People who are new to the 10 principles and their implementation will be welcomed to join our community.

Permit long-term community engagement and greater visibility: Most burner projects are temporary. The Burner Embassy will allow our community to co-create something much longer-lasting. In addition, our space provides opportunities for displaying works of art to a wider audience.


Fundraising campaign started

Sufficient pledges collected to cover monthly costs

Pledged funds are received

Insurance and user agreement signed

Construction started

Operations phase initiated