The Burner Embassy

What are we up to?

We are in the process of co-creating an incredible meeting location at Haus der Statistik (HdS) in Berlin’s Mitte district — right next to Alexanderplatz.

The Burner Embassy provides much-needed space for burners to get together, discuss ideas, and collaborate on art and design projects. The location is also well-suited for workshops, communal cooking events, storing materials, and completing administrative work. Since the Burner Embassy is part of the larger community of artists and changemakers in the HdS facilities, we are looking forward to collaborating with different HdS groups on future projects.

How can you help?

Building: The more, the merrier! Help us create our dream room — especially if you know your way around electrical wiring, carpet fitting, and  upholstery. Click here to find out more.

Gifting: The room still needs seating, tables, and decoration. If you have furniture to donate, there is a chance to take it off your hands.

Donations: Every cent helps! Click here to support us.

Event planning: A lot of amazing events are in the works, and we would love it if you could join our planning teams.

Administration: You are welcome to participate in discussions about how to run the Burner Embassy. Join in here.

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